Severe Tropical Storm Francis
Severe Tropical Storm
Formed December 28, 2017
Dissipated January 3, 2018
Highest winds 65 mph (100 km/h)
(10-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 969 mb (28.6 inHg)
Damages $300 million (2018 USD)
Fatalities 631
Areas affected Madagascar
Part of the
2017-18 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season

Tropical Storm Francis (also known as Severe Tropical Storm Francis), was a deadly storm that affected most of Madagascar in Early-January 2018. The 6th named storm of the season, Francis developed out of a tropical disturbance that formed about 70 miles northwest of Anorotsangana, Madagascar on December 28. A few hours later, the disturbance strengthened into a depression. It rapidly strengthened once again, becoming a moderate tropical storm only hours later. It later peaked as a severe tropical storm on January 4, before making landfall on the western coast of Madagascar.

Meteorological history

On December 28, RSMC La Reunion reported that a tropical disturbance had developed about 71 miles north-west of Anorotsangana. Six hours later, it had strengthened into a depression, and later a moderate tropical storm and was named Francis. The RSMC began issuing Cyclone Warnings for the northwestern Madagascar coast and cyclone watches for the west coast. The storm maintained its strength until January 3, when it strengthened into a Severe Tropical Storm. It made landfall near Antananabe, Madagascar at 1923 UTC. It weakened rapidly and dissipated by the next advisory at 0000 UTC on January 4.