Super Typhoon Hato is strongest storm in 2032 West Pacific Typhoon Season.

It recorded 870mb pressure and 200mph winds at center.

Super Typhoon Hato 

The Super Typhoon Hato (PAGASA Name:Peach) (2032)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 5 super typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration Oct 21 – Oct 28
Peak intensity 250 km/h (155 mph) (10-min)  870 hPa (mbar)

Super Typhoon Hato formed at near of Guam at October 21th.

This storm moves west-northwest and going intensify.

This storm reached 200mph and struck Philliphines at October 24th.

killed over 200,000 people at Philliphines

After this storm pass through Philliphines,

this storm starts move northwest and

hit Vietnam and October 27th and

killed over 5,000 people in Vietnam and


This storm goes weaken quick and

it moved to China as weak Tropical Storm strength and

killed over 2,000 people at China at October 28th and



Over 100,000 people died at Mindanao

Over 25,000 people died at Luzon

and Over 80,000 people died at center of Philliphines

Over 5,000 people died at Vietnam and Cambodia,

Over 2,000 people died at China.


This name "Hato" has been retired at 2032 and replaced by Shiba.

Peach has been retired and replaced by Palutena.

for over 200,000 kills.

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