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The building's exterior, as seen from Google Maps.

The Puffle Meteorological Center and Tropical Cyclone Warning Center, often called the Puffle Meteorological Center or PMC for short, is a hurricane warning center responsible for tracking tropical cyclones within the Great Lakes, Atlantic, East (includes Bering Sea), and Central Pacific basins.

It was located first near the Douglas Hurricane Center, but moved their headquarters shrotly into Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In 2017, it was moved to Cleveland, Ohio.[1]
Other centers are located in Brooklyn, San Diego, Ontario, Jacksonville, Hawaii (right across from the CPHC building) and Vienna, Austria.


Values used for tropical cyclone templates
Center Value Hexadecimal Category Speeds
disturbedsystem #5ebaff Disturbed weather system (PMC) 10-36 mph
level1storm #00faf4 Level 1 tropical storm (PMC) 37-50 mph
level2storm #c0c0c0 Level 2 tropical storm (PMC) 51-66 mph
PMCweakcyclone #00d3ce Low-end cyclone (PMC) 67-74 mph
PMCmodcyclone #ffffcc Moderate cyclone (PMC) 75-108 mph
PMCseverecyclone #ffc140 Severe cyclone (PMC) 109-153 mph
PMCmajorcyclone #ff8f20 Major cyclone (PMC) 154-175 mph
PMCextremecyclone #D2691E Extreme cyclone (PMC) 176-499 mph
PMCHcat1 #ff99ff Category 1 hypercyclone 500-541 mph
PMCHcat2 #C373C3 Category 2 hypercyclone 542-580 mph
PMCHcat3 #A15EA1 Category 3 hypercyclone 581-605 mph
PMCHcat4 #7A417A Category 4 hypercyclone 606-630 mph
PMCMcat1 #41437A Category 1 Megacyclone 631-665 mph
PMCMcat2 #595DC9 Category 2 Megacyclone 666-690 mph
PMCMcat3 #595DC9 Category 3 Megacyclone 691-725 mph
PMCSupercyclone #2C8CBC Supercyclone 726-805 mph
PMCubercyclone #00CC33 Übercyclone Over 805 mph


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