Discord is a free text and voice chat medium. The application can be used from within the web browser or downloaded, with the link for both being on the homepage of its website: It is available for several operating systems, and can be accessed via a web-app on certain browsers.

Note: The rules of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki Discord server are the same as the chat guidelines.


Channels may be renamed, added, or removed on the fly. These are the 'core' channels and names, check the #announcements channel for recent updates.



  • #announcements - Rules and additional global notices are posted here, and only administrators/bureaucrats can post.
  • #logs - The bots report the channel logs here.

Public chat rooms

  • #any-rp - Roleplay-focused channel where you can roleplay about anything you want.
  • #chat - This channel serves as an open forum for any type of discussion.
  • #chat-2 - Same as #chat, but for topics such as sports and politics.
  • #spam-in-general - Use this channel to spam.
  • #questions-and-answers - Any issues? You ask them in that channel, and we answer!
  • #tctracking - This channel has a bot who posts tropical cyclone advisories from seasons across the globe.
  • #memes - Memes go here.

Semi-private chat rooms

  • #hhw-only - Hidden channel. For @TS and above only.
  • #welcome - Everyone that uses the invitation link above arrives here, and stays until they get confirmed..

Private chat rooms

  • #the-punished - Hidden channel. This channel is the only channel where punished users can speak.
  • #administration - Hidden channel. For chat moderators and above only.
  • #adminstrators - Hidden channel. For sysops and above only.
  • #bureaucrats - Hidden channel. For bureaucrats only.
  • general - Like #chat but for voice.
  • afk - Where AFK users stay.


Much like channels, roles may be renamed on the fly. Currently, they are generally given out according to the usercane scale.

Name Given to Permissions Can be pinged Display as a group in userlist
Bureaucrats with at least 3+ years of experience All Yes Yes
Bureaucrats with at least 2 years of experience All Yes Yes
Bureaucrats with at least 1 year of experience All Yes Yes
Bureaucrats All Yes Yes
Administrators All except the ability to see this channel:
Can view this secret channel:
Yes Yes
Junior Administrators Manage roles of users under them, kick/ban members, manage messages, and change nicknames. Yes Yes
Users that have BOTH Rollback AND Chat Moderator rights. Kick/Ban members, manage messages, and change nicknames. Yes Yes
Chat Moderators Kick/Ban members, and manage messages. Yes Yes
Users who have reached userstorm status Allowed to type in almost all public channels. Yes Yes
Users that are semi-active or semi-retired. Same permissions as TS. Yes Yes
New Users Basic permissions. Yes Yes
Punished Users. Allowed to type ONLY in this channel:
Yes Yes