The Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki is an encyclopedia based entirely on the creation of hypothetical tropical cyclones (e.g. hurricanes, typhoons, etc,.). The wiki currently has 6,164 articles and 41,904 files, with over 302,280 edits spread throughout 107,214 pages. The wiki has, at the moment, 98 active users and 13 administrators.


Started on September 28, 2010 by Sjmaven1993 (it was previously a Scratchpad mini-wiki since 2006), the wiki's goal was to be a place where "hurricane [over]enthusiasts could make articles for hurricanes that have come to their imagination". The Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki is commonly and erroneously labled by newer users, or users with few to little knowledge of hurricanes as a "hurricane fanfic website". This wiki is here with the sole intention to store your fictional hurricanes, which can be viewed by anyone - not to provide free of charge hurricane fanfics.

How can I help?

It's simple! If you come across an article, and see something that needs changing - change it! Fixing grammar and/or spelling errors and punctuation mistakes greatly improves an article and provides a better reading experience for the viewers, so make sure to hit the edit button on top of that page and fix it!

You can always ask any questions about the wiki on the Forums, where general discussions usually happen, or Discussions, where many questions are answered!

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