A Hyper'easter is a Very Big Strong Type of Nor'easter which is a Marco-Sized Cyclone Type.That means it bigger than a average cyclone.

Hyper'easters have much heavy rain,wind speed and Snow And The Snow can reach up to 50 Feet That is the Size of a Hotel

Unlike Hypercanes Hyper'easters are More Bigger and Can Not Be Easily Noticed and Have More Wind Speeds

Hyper'easters Wind Speeds can go up to 599 Mph.

But Hyper'easters Are Very Rare than Hypercanes and Hyper'easters can sometimes start below how many wind speeds a Hypercane has But it Doesn't Go Below Than 458 Mph winds but For Example a Average Hyper'easter can Start in just 459 Mph Winds While a Hypercane there just starts with 500 Mph Winds