Hurricane Violet
Category 6 hurricane
Formed October 2
Dissipated October 12
Highest winds 220 mph (355 km/h)
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 847 millibars (hPa)
Damages $432 billion USD
Fatalities 14,000
Areas affected New England (Massachusetts (Boston), Maine)
Part of the
2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Violet was a very powerful tropical cyclone that caused unprecedented havoc in Boston.

Violet brought 155 mph winds to Boston, 70+ inches of rain that overflowed the Charles River and submerged the central buisness district (CBD) of Boston. Fortunatly, many Boston citizens had escaped by now. Over 1,000,000 buildings were demolished.

The damage Violet left to Boston was unimaginable. Nuclear plants melted down, tress felled, and every window on the John Hancock Tower was blown out. 750 miles of road was under 25 feet of water. 100,000 people were sick, 30,000 were injured, and 14,000 were killed. Dozens of thousands of shelters opened...Nearly 75,000 people had to be rescued via boats or helicopters. The surge would leave Boston uninhabitable for years, or even decades.

$432 billion was left behind, quadrupling Katrina's record.

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Violet Aproching Boston As A Cat.5

780px-Hurricane Gustav 11 sept 2002 1800Z

Violet Making Landfall In Boston As A Category 6 Hurricane