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Jackson At Peak Strength
This Storm Was A Category 5 Hurricane,The Info Box is to the Right of This Text.


Jackson Started Out As a Disturbance Near South America Then Moved Up The Turned into Tropical Storm Jackson Then In Less Than 2 Days Jackson Became A C3 Major Hurricane With Winds of 125Mph Then The Next Day Became a C5 Storm With Winds of 165Mph And He Was Near Belize With Gusts around 185Mph and then the Next Day Jackson Was Moving Torwards Florida as A C3 Hurricane With Wind if 115Mph Then Jackson Quickly Moved Over Florida As A C2 Hurricane Then Moved to Nova Scoctia The Next Day With Winds of 70Mph Then Made It There With Winds of 40Mph And Dissapated As A Ex-Tropical Storm over Newflound.

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