Hurricane Isaac (also know as Superstorm Isaac) was an sporadic, highly powerful hurricane. Hurricane Isaac formed in the Gulf of Guinea, and was forced to spiral south into warmer waters by High pressure system South West Africa.The storm sporadically moved throughout the Gulf about the equator beoming a category 5 storm. When the high pressure system began to dissapate, Isaac moved north, tumbling through South West Africa, downgrading to a category 4 by the time it reached Cape Verde. Passing the Cape, Isaac gained power rapidly, attaining a sustained windspeed of 300 mph just before hitting the Leeward Islands. As it developed, it turned to the North West, avoiding the Leeward Islands. However, this gave it more time to escalate. Just before hitting Miami, Isaac achieved a sustained windspeed of 535 mph, a pressure of 695, and a diameter of 4,300 miles. Isaac then barreled through Florida, hitting Tampa, then going North, not losing its status as a category 5 until hitting New Bruinswick. It maintained category 5 winds for over 16 days.