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Hurricane Ingrid-Yutu-Donna-Juliette (Kurt)
Category 6 hurricane (SSHS)
Hurricane Frances (1976)

Ingrid at her peak intensity.
Formed August 4, 2013
Dissipated October 1, 2013
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 505.45 (Worldwide record high)
Highest winds 220 (Worldwide record high)
Lowest pressure 875 (millibars)
Damages $1 quadrillion (2013 USD) (Worldwide record high)
Direct Fatalities 3,455
Indirect Fatalities 142
Missing 50
Areas affected South Africa, Brazil, Lesser Antilles, the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Southeastern Asia, Japan, China, Australia, Hawaii, and Alaska
Part of the
2013 Atlantic hurricane season
Ingrid-Yutu-Donna-Juliette (Kurt) Track

Hurricane (Typhoon) Ingrid-Yutu-Donna-Juliette was a storm formed off the coast of South Africa, and then she made landfalls along the United States East Coast, the United Kingdom, the continental European Union, China, Japan, the Phillipnes, Australia, and Hawaii. Because Ingrid also traveled over the European windstorm area (similar to Gabrielle, Humberto, Pablo and Rebekah), the cyclone earned the name Kurt during her time over that region. Ingrid caused $1 trillion dollars of damage (2013 USD) and killed nearly 4,000 people altogether worldwide. Thus, the name Ingrid was retired from List V of the Atlantic hurricane naming lists and was replaced with Ivy for the 2019 season. However, the name Ivy was retired after the 2019 season due to the damage she caused to Brazil and the Lesser Antilles, and she was replaced with Imogen for the 2025 season.

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