Hurricane Bob 19 aug 1991 1226Z

Bob At Peak Strength

This is A page About a Hurricane In 1991 not for reals,Highest Winds Were 115Mph,Lowest Pressure was 950Mb.The Image (Right) Shows Bob at His Peak Strength.Bob Made Landfall in Rhone Island as A Category 2 Hurricane The Image Is Below of Bob Landfall.It Lasted From August 16th to August 20th


First Bob Was A disturbance Near Cuba on August 15th,Then Became A Tropical Storm on August 16th Near Eastern Florida Then Later He Became A Category 1 Hurricane And Moved NNE On August 17th Strengthed Near North Carolina, The Morning On August 18th Bob Became A C2 Storm And Was Moving NNE at 30+Mph.Then Bob was A C3 Storm Near Long Island.On August 19 Bob Was Downrated to A Category 2 Hurricane Near Rhone Island And made Landfall At That Strength.Then Disapated On The 20th Of August and Remaned A Extropical Depression.

Hurricane Bob 19 aug 1991 1818Z

Bob Making Landfall in Rhone Island

Remants Of The Storm

The Remants of Bob left Him As a Subtropical Depression And the Remants Dissapated Near Spain And The United Kingdom.


In The Spring of 1991 The Name Bob Was Retired With Bill for 1997.

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