Hurricane Andrea
Category 1 Hurricane(SSHS)
Formed June 15, 2013
Dissipated June 20, 2013
Highest winds 80 mph
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 981 mb
Damages $176.7 million (2013 USD)
Fatalities 3
Areas affected US East Coast, Eastern Canada, Europe
Part of the
2013 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Andrea was the earliest Continental U.S. hurricane strike since 1966. It was the first storm of the active 2013 Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane Andrea formed in the Yucatán Channel on June 15 and moved generally northwards. It reached hurricane strength on June 17 in the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall on the Florida Panhandle the next day. The storm weakened as it continued to move inland, becoming extratropical on June 20. Andrea was responsible for three deaths and flooding across drought-stricken Florida and Georgia.

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