Garfield's 2020 Pacific typhoon season
2020 WPAC Map MG
Season summary map
Seasonal boundaries
First system formed April 26, 2020
Last system dissipated December 3, 2020
Strongest storm
Name Dolphin
 • Maximum winds 220 km/h (140 mph)
 • Lowest pressure 890 hPa (mbar)
Seasonal statistics
Total depressions 28
Total storms 24
Typhoons 13
Super typhoons 4
Total fatalities Unknown
Total damage Unknown
Pacific typhoon seasons
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
The 2020 Pacific typhoon season was a near to slightly below average season.



Typhoon Halong (Ambo)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 3 typhoon (SSHWS)
Fengshen 2008-06-21 0230Z.png Halong20MG.png
Duration April 26 – May 2
Peak intensity 150 km/h (90 mph) (10-min)  965 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Nakri (Butchoy)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 4 super typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Nakri20MG.png
Duration May 16 – May 24
Peak intensity 195 km/h (120 mph) (10-min)  924 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Fengshen (Carina)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 2 typhoon (SSHWS)
Khanun 2017-10-15 0310Z.jpg Fengshen20MG.png
Duration May 26 – June 1
Peak intensity 130 km/h (80 mph) (10-min)  981 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Kalmaegi

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 2 typhoon (SSHWS)
Ophelia 2017-10-11 1548Z.jpg Kalmaegi20MG.png
Duration July 6 – July 14
Peak intensity 140 km/h (85 mph) (10-min)  970 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Depression 05W

Tropical depression (JMA)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
17L 2017-10-09 1335Z.jpg 05W20MG.png
Duration July 10 – July 11
Peak intensity 45 km/h (30 mph) (10-min)  1010 hPa (mbar)

Severe Tropical Storm Fung-wong

Severe tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Man-yi Sep 16 2013 0140Z.jpg Fungwong20MG.png
Duration July 16 – July 21
Peak intensity 100 km/h (65 mph) (10-min)  984 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Kammuri (Dindo)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 5 super typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Kammuri20MG.jpg
Duration July 16 – July 29
Peak intensity 205 km/h (125 mph) (10-min)  905 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Phanfone

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 1 typhoon (SSHWS)
Hurricane Bill Jul 12 1997 1515Z.jpg Phanfone20MG.png
Duration July 21 – July 27
Peak intensity 120 km/h (75 mph) (10-min)  985 hPa (mbar)

Severe Tropical Storm Vongfong (Enteng)

Severe tropical storm (JMA)
Category 1 typhoon (SSHWS)
Tropical Storm Rumbia 2013-07-01 0520Z.jpg Vongfong20MG.png
Duration July 28 – August 1
Peak intensity 100 km/h (65 mph) (10-min)  977 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Nuri

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
TS Ana 2003.jpg Nuri20MG.png
Duration August 2 – August 5
Peak intensity 75 km/h (45 mph) (10-min)  1005 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Sinlaku (Ferdie)

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Sinlaku20MG.png
Duration August 14 – August 18
Peak intensity 85 km/h (50 mph) (10-min)  993 hPa (mbar)

Severe Tropical Storm Hagupit (Gener)

Severe tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Hagupit20MG.png
Duration August 16 – August 22
Peak intensity 95 km/h (60 mph) (10-min)  996 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Jangmi (Helen)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 3 typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Jangmi20MG.jpg
Duration August 21 – August 29
Peak intensity 155 km/h (100 mph) (10-min)  945 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Mekkhala

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Mekkhala19MG.png
Duration August 22 – August 26
Peak intensity 75 km/h (45 mph) (10-min)  1007 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Higos (Igme)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 5 super typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Higos20MG.jpg
Duration August 28 – September 5
Peak intensity 185 km/h (115 mph) (10-min)  920 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Bavi (Julian)

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Bavi20MG.jpg
Duration September 1 – September 7
Peak intensity 85 km/h (50 mph) (10-min)  1000 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Maysak

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Maysak20MG.png
Duration September 5 – September 7
Peak intensity 65 km/h (40 mph) (10-min)  1006 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Haishen (Kristine)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 4 typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Haishen20MG.jpg
Duration September 8 – September 20
Peak intensity 165 km/h (105 mph) (10-min)  930 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Noul

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 4 typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Noul20MG.jpg
Duration September 13 – September 26
Peak intensity 165 km/h (105 mph) (10-min)  940 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Depression 20W (Leon)

Tropical depression (JMA)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex 20W20MG.png
Duration September 14 – September 16
Peak intensity 55 km/h (35 mph) (10-min)  1009 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Depression 21W

Tropical depression (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex 21W20MG.png
Duration September 22 – September 25
Peak intensity 55 km/h (35 mph) (10-min)  1006 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Dolphin (Marce)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 5 super typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Dolphin20MG.jpg
Duration September 30 – October 7
Peak intensity 220 km/h (140 mph) (10-min)  890 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Depression 23W (Nika)

Tropical depression (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex 23W20MG.png
Duration October 12 – October 14
Peak intensity 55 km/h (35 mph) (10-min)  1005 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Kujira

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Kujira20MG.png
Duration October 17 – October 20
Peak intensity 65 km/h (40 mph) (10-min)  1003 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Chan-hom (Ofel)

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Chanhom20MG.png
Duration October 24 – October 29
Peak intensity 85 km/h (50 mph) (10-min)  997 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Linfa

Tropical storm (JMA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Linfa20MG.png
Duration November 2 – November 6
Peak intensity 75 km/h (45 mph) (10-min)  991 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Nangka (Pepito)

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 2 typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Nangka20MG.png
Duration November 6 – November 11
Peak intensity 150 km/h (90 mph) (10-min)  968 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Saudel

Typhoon (JMA)
Category 1 typhoon (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex Saudel20MG.png
Duration November 30 – December 3
Peak intensity 130 km/h (80 mph) (10-min)  985 hPa (mbar)

Storm Names


During the season 24 tropical storms developed in the Western Pacific and each one was named by the JMA, when the system was judged to have 10-minute sustained windspeeds of 65 km/h (40 mph). The JMA selected the names from a list of 140 names, that had been developed by the 14 members nations and territories of the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee.

Halong Nakri Fengshen Kalmaegi Fung-wong Kammuri Phanfone Vongfong Nuri Sinlaku Hagupit Jangmi
Mekkhala Higos Bavi Maysak Haishen Noul Dolphin Kujira Chan-hom Linfa Nangka Saudel


Ambo Butchoy Carina Dindo Enteng
Ferdie Gener Helen Igme Julian
Kristine Leon Marce Nika Ofel
Pepito Quinta (unused) Rolly (unused) Siony (unused) Tonyo (unused)
Ulysses (unused) Vicky (unused) Warren (unused) Yoyong (unused) Zosimo (unused)
Auxiliary list
Alakdan (unused) Baldo (unused) Clara (unused) Dencio (unused) Estong (unused)
Felipe (unused) Gomer (unused) Heling (unused) Ismael (unused) Julio (unused)

During the season PAGASA used its own naming scheme for the 16 tropical cyclones, that either developed within or moved into their self-defined area of responsibility.The names were taken from a list of names, that was last used during 2016 and are scheduled to be used again during 2024. This is the same list used in 2016 except for Kristine, Leon, and Nika, which replaced Karen, Lawin, and Nina.


After the season, the Typhoon Committee retired these names due to their impact: Kammuri, Haishen, and Dolphin. In February 2022, the names Okami, Ewenki, and Tsuen for future use.

The PAGASA chose to retire the names Ambo, Kristine, and Marce, as they had caused over ₱1 billion in damages. They were replaced with Ashwin, Kimberly, and Miguel for 2024.