You guys can name the storm, give it its history and damage/fatality stats.

Hyper Mini Black Hole Luna

Hyper Mini Black Hole (NHC)
Duration July 2, 600,000,000 BC – December 26, 2,000,000,000
Peak intensity INF km/h (INF mph) (1-min)  -INF mbar (hPa)
Caused extreme horrible damage of $2500 trillion and killed almost everyone on Earth.

Super Mega Hyper Super Duper Mega End-of-the-World Black Hole Anti-Quinn

Hyperclone (FMS)
Hyper Mini Black Hole
Black Hole 4.jpg
Duration March 25, 10,002 – June 25, 28,005
Peak intensity INF km/h (INF mph) (10-min)  -INF hPa (mbar)
The final storm of the 10,001-02 South Pacific tropical cyclone season, Cyclone Quinn, formed from a disturbance big as Spain. Quickly becoming a severe Tropical Cyclone in minutes, Anti-Quinn was fueled by Quinn. Anti-Quinn became a HMBH on March 26, 10,002. On June 4, 10,245, Anti-Quinn was big as Quinn and earned its shearing power. The storm lasted longer than Quinn.

Hyper Mini Black hole Mama

Hyper Mini Black Hole
Black Hole.jpg
Duration January 1 – Never
Peak intensity Winds unknown