The European Hurricane Center monitors Hurricanes in Europe. Since they have started forming in Europe, we have monitored them. The season runs all year round. Advisories are released every 2 days.

If you would like to add a new storm/make your own advisory, comment below and I'll make you a forecaster.


People who have advised on storms. Leave in the comments ideas for more jobs and their roles etc. For now forecasters are people who help around the article, advise etc. If we get more people we will add seperate jobs.

To be promoted just help alot. I'll promote you if you do well. Seniors can promote, give jobs and demote.

Senior Staff

Fester96 - Head Forecaster

Bargathus - Senior Forecaster

Junior Staff

Open - Forecaster (We need many, not just one)

Trainee Staff

Open - Forecaster (We need many, not just one)

New Classifications

=== Super Hurricane === MHurricaneehc

Category 6: 200-230mph

Category 7: 230-260mph

Category 8: 260-300mph

=== Megacane === Mcaneehc

Category 1: 300-375mph

Category 2: 375-450mph

Category 3: 450-500mph

=== Hypercane === HyCehc

Category 1: 500-600mph

Category 2: 600-800mph

Category 3: 800-1000mph

Category 4: 1000mph+

Current Storms, Warnings, and Windfields.

Windfields, Warnings and Spaghetti Models will return soon when Bargathus has time.

NHCTDSymbol Tropical Depression Five


Monday, November 6 2017
Public Advisory

Location: Near Norway

Moving: Stationary

Min pressure: 1015 mb

Max sustained: 25 mph

Sunday, November 6th 2017 10:00 GMT
A non tropical low near Norway has unexpectedly intensified into a Tropical Depression. The storm wasn’t even forecast to develop and will probably dissipate in the next few hours.

- Forecaster Fester                                                                             

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