EF5 Meteorological Center
El Cajon, CA

EF5 Meteorological Center's Headquarters location
Established September 28, 2015
Jurisdiction California Senate
Headquarters El Cajon, California
Executive EF5tornado
Parent agency NHC
Areas covered East Pacific, Bering Sea, Atlantic, and Great Lakes

The EF5 Meteorological Center or EF5MC for short, is a hurricane tracking center that tracks tropical cyclones. It's headquarters are found in El Cajon, California. The organization tracks all weather systems including tornadoes, hurricanes, and heatwaves in the US. The organization tracks hurricanes that form in the EPac, Atl, Bering Sea, or Great Lakes.

It has filed bankruptcy as of 9-29-15.

Storm Chasers



EF5's Hurricane Scale

Tropical/Subtropical Invest <29mph
Tropical/Subtropical Depression 30-39 mph
Tropical/Subtropical Storm 40-73 mph
Weak Hurricane 74-99 mph
Medium Hurricane 100-110 mph
Intense Hurricane 111-125 mph
Very Intense Hurricane 126-155 mph
Extreme Hurricane 156-194 mph
Very Extreme Hurricane 195-219 mph
Insanely Intense Hurricane 220-499 mph
Category 1 hypercane 500-549 mph
Category 2 hypercane 550-599 mph
Category 3 hypercane 600-649 mph
Category 4 hypercane 650-699 mph
Category 5 hypercane 700-749 mph
Category 1 megacane 750-799 mph
Category 2 megacane 800-849 mph
Category 3 megacane 850-899 mph
Category 4 megacane 900-949 mph
Category 5 megacane 950-1000 mph
WTFcane 1000-9999 mph
Mini Black Hole 10000-19999 mph
Stronger Then Quinn 20000+ mph

Current tropical systems

Marty (2)





No storm names have yet been retired.

Active Weather Alerts

  • Flash Flood Warning
  • Winter Storm Warning
  • High Wind Warning
  • Tropical Storm Warning
  • Storm Warning
  • Coastal Flood Warning
  • Flood Warning
  • Flash Flood Watch
  • Gale Warning
  • Freeze Warning
  • Winter Weather Advisory
  • Flood Advisory
  • Coastal Flood Advisory
  • High Surf Advisory
  • Small Craft Advisory For Hazardous Seas
  • Small Craft Advisory
  • Frost Advisory
  • Rip Current Statement
  • Beach Hazards Statement
  • Gale Watch
  • Coastal Flood Watch
  • Flood Watch
  • Coastal Flood Statement
  • Lakeshore Flood Statement
  • Special Weather Statement
  • Marine Weather Statement
  • Air Quality Alert

Those are all the active alerts for 29-09-15. Go to to learn more.