First storm formed SH 10
Last storm dissipated SG 12
Strongest storm Adrian - 3001 km/h, 342 mb
Total depressions 589
Total storms 588
Cyclones 290
Severe Tropical Cyclones 285
Total damages $1.9 VB22
Total fatalities None

This Cyclone season was the costliest and strongest season ever recorded. Cyclone Adrian Reached gusts of 3001 km/h breaking a record of cyclone Carlos that occurred about 500,000 years ago. Nobody thought that this was possible since it couldn't be broken by other cyclones in the past few hundred thousand years. Adrian also broke a record for reaching the lowest pressure produced by a cyclone, reaching 342 mb. Despite the intensity of this season, no deaths occurred. Every cyclone that formed effected land lasted up to a month.


Severe Tropical Cyclone Adrian

Category 5 tropical cyclone
Duration 1 November – 1 March
Intensity 3000 km/h (1865 mph) (1-min) 342 mbar (hPa; 10.1 inHg)