Deathicane Caroline
Category 7 deathicane
Caroline 2018 image 
Deathicane Caroline near peak intensity southwest of the United Kingdom on March 7
Formed March 4, 2018
Dissipated March 11, 2018
(Extratropical after March 8)
Highest Winds 1 minute sustained:
245 mph
Lowest Pressure 837 mbar (hPa)
Damages $400 billion
(costliest in United Kingdom history) (2018 USD)
Fatalities 31,421
Areas Affected United Kingdom
Part of the 2018 Atlantic deathicane season

Deathicane Caroline (known in the United Kingdom as Storm Caroline was an extremely powerful and catastrophic hurricane, causing severe damages and shattering numerous records. The third named storm and first hurricane and major of the 2018 Atlantic deathicane season, Caroline

Because of the unusual path the storm took, many people thought the storm was fake. This resulted in an unexpected death count and damages. Severe flooding occurred as a result of a storm surge that reached as high as 38 ft (11.5 m). The United Kingdom had the worst of the damages, 29,642 people died there with 1,843 reported missing and caused US$350.1 billion in damages. Ireland also got impacted with 1,779 deaths and 432 missing, and US$50 billion in samages, making it severely damaging to that area as well. Overall, 31,421 people were killed and 2,275 people were reported missing, and it caused US$400.1 billion in damage.

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