Deathicane Caroline
category 8 deathicane
Caroline 2018 image 
Deathicane Caroline near peak intensity southwest of the United Kingdom on March 7
Formed March 4, 2018
Dissipated March 11, 2018
(Extratropical after March 8)
Highest Winds 1 minute sustained:
245 mph
Lowest Pressure 837 mbar (hPa)
Damages $400 billion
(costliest in United Kingdom history) (2018 USD)
Fatalities 31,421
Areas Affected United Kingdom
Part of the 2018 Atlantic deathicane season

Deathicane Caroline (known in the United Kingdom as Storm Caroline was the deadliest and most destructive storm in UK history, and the most intense hurricane in the month of March and being the fastest intensifying hurricane on record with its minimum barometric pressure dropping from 987 millibars to 846 milibars—a 141 millibar drop in less than a day and with it's winds going up 160 mph in the same period of time. The northernmost category 6 or up storm on record, Caroline was the third named storm and first hurricane and major of the 2018 Atlantic deathicane season. Caroline formed from a tropical storm that explosively intensified into a category 7. Unexpectedly being tropical over the Europeans windstorm basin, Caroline became the seventeenth storm of the 2017–18 European windstorm season even though there was a cyclone previously named Caroline in that same season. On 7 March, the cyclone made landfall on the United Kingdom, with wind gusts up to 260 mph. The system made another landfall on Ireland beforehand dissipating.

Oven 31 thousand deaths can be directly attributed to the storm, all of which occurred in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Total costs from the storm were extreme, with insured losses across Ireland and the United Kingdom reaching US$400.1 billion. The deathicane was both the costliest and deadliest in United Kingdom history.

As of March 10, at least 31 421 people were confirmed killed by the hurricane: 29,642 in the United Kingdom and 1,779 in Ireland.

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