Very Intense Tropical Cyclone Haingo
Very Intense Tropical Cyclone
Formed January 4, 2018
Dissipated January 8, 2018
Highest winds 145 mph (230 km/h)
(10-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 903 mb (26.7 inHg)
Damages None
Fatalities None
Areas affected None
Part of the
2017-18 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season

Cyclone Haingo was the fastest intensifying tropical cyclone ever recorded in the South-West Indian Ocean.

Meteorological history

A Moderate Tropical Storm formed on January 4, and six hours later, strengthened into a Very Intense Tropical Cyclone with winds of 145 mph, making it the fastest intensifying SWIO storm ever recorded. It maintained its peak strength until January 5, when it weakened to a Category 2 due to an eyewall replacement cycle. However, this did not last long as Haingo restrengthened back to a Category 4. Due to increasing wind shear, the cyclone began to weaken during that evening and was down to a Tropical Cyclone by January 5. Slight restrengthening occurred later that day, where Haingo reached a third peak of 115 mph winds. The system then weakened as it picked up forward speed, and dissipated on January 8 as a Moderate Tropical Storm.

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