Severe Tropical Cyclone Carlos
Category 5 tropical cyclone
Formed December 26
Dissipated March 22
Highest winds 1009 km/h (625 mph)
(10-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 200 mbar (hPa; 5.91 inHg)
Damages $50 trillion (2036 USD)
Fatalities 0
Areas affected Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland
Part of the
2035 - 36 Australian region cyclone season
Severe Tropical Cyclone Carlos was the strongest storm ever recorded with a gust up to 3000 km/h and rain up to 100 m causing a total damage of $50 trillion. It was the costliest tropical cyclone in the basin. Due to huge and extensive damage, the name Carlos was retired and was replaced by Casey.
150px-Temporary cyclone south.svg

A Satellite Image Of Carlos Crossing Perth,WA.