The Atlantic vs. East Pacific Hurricane Contest of 2018 is the nineteenth and current annual competition between the two basins to try and collect more points than their opponent. The more storms there are and the stronger they get, the more points are generated. This year's contest is hosted by Money Hurricane.

Points System

Classification Points
Tropical/Subtropical Depression 0
Tropical/Subtropical Storm 1
Category 1 Hurricane 2
Category 2 Hurricane 3
Category 3 Hurricane 4
Category 4 Hurricane 5
Category 5 Hurricane 6

Storms - Atlantic

Storm Name Intensity Points
Alberto Subtropical Storm 1

Storms - East Pacific

Storm Name Intensity Points
One-E Tropical Depression 0
Aletta Category 4 Hurricane 5
Bud Category 4 Hurricane 5

Points Gained By Month

Month Atlantic Points East Pacific Points
May 1 0
June 0 10

Note: If a storm happens to cross months, the points from the storm go to the month it originated from.

Seasonal Total

Atlantic Total Points East Pacific Total Points
1 10