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Armageddon Storm Playten
Armageddon Storm
Armaggeddon Storm Playten

The track of Playten
Formed January 42915
Dissipated July 42933 (extratropical after August 42932)
Highest winds 45186765 mph
(1-minute sustained)
Lowest pressure 0 mbar
Damages $945 quadrillion (42933 USD)
Direct Fatalities 12,770,543,894
Indirect Fatalities 985,000,000
Missing 216,054,917
Areas affected Too many places to name here
Part of the
42,915 global hurricane season

Armageddon Storm Playten was an extreme event that is thought to occur once every billion years on Earth. The precursor disturbance formed in October 42914, before becoming a tropical depression 3 months later after drifting south. The system lasted an unbelievable 17 years as a tropical cyclone, and 18 1/2 years as a weather system in general,making it the longest lasting storm ever recorded as a result. Billions of people died, millions more were left missing, and $945 quadrillion was done in damages by the event.

Meteorological history

Western Pacific

An area of low pressure developed during October of 42914, which proceeded to move south, before becoming a tropical depression in January the following year. Following its designation, the depression moved due west for 2 months, before intensifying into tropical storm Playten as it moved to the west southwest. Continuing on its west-southwestward track, Playten intensified into a typhoon during June, and then into a super typhoon by October. After becoming a category 6 super typhoon in December, Playten turned southwest as it intensified into a category 7 whilst crossing the equator, where the system came under the responsibility of TCWC Jakarta and TCWC Perth. During its time in the western Pacific basin, Playten had minimal impacts on land, having only affected the Micronesian islands as a tropical depresssion.