First storm formed SB 9
Last storm dissipated SC 6
Strongest storm Richard & Sandra - 900 km/h, 431 mb
Total depressions 275
Total storms 275
Cyclones 90
Severe Tropical Cyclones 185
Total damages $958.3 trillion
Total fatalities 0

This season was the second strongest and most costliest cyclone season that was recorded in Australia's weather history, No deaths were reported but a lot of damage was caused by this nightmare cyclone season. Two Hundred And Seventy - Five cyclones formed and all of them effected land. This many cyclones is the highest number of cyclones ever recorded in a one season. The strongest cyclone ever recorded was Carlos in the 2035 - 36 Australian region cyclone season about 600 years ago. However, Richard and Sandra was the costliest cyclones in weather history, Richard caused $400.7 trillion of damage and Sandra caused $200.4 trillion of damage. Waves the size of tsunamis was reported at E419 beach. Despite the damage, no deaths were reported but there was still over 500,000 injuries.