Disclaimer: This is just a hypothetical live season which exclusive at Philippine Area of Responsibility, the place where local weather center tracks typhoons. not related to ongoing real Pacific typhoon season

2018 Philippine basin typhoon season
Season summary map
Seasonal boundaries
First system formed May 18
Last system dissipated Season ongoing
Strongest storm
Name Albert (Adarna)
 • Maximum winds 195 km/h (120 mph)
 • Lowest pressure 927 hPa (mbar)
Seasonal statistics
Total depressions 3
Total storms 3
Typhoons 2
Super typhoons 2
Total fatalities None
Total damage None
Pacific typhoon seasons

The 2018 Philippine basin typhoon season is a live season which takes place in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR), which is part of Western Pacific basin. This time, local Filipino names are assigned in use for the typhoons that will enter the area. It does not track areas outside of the PAR. The season will officially start at May 15, and will last through the end of the year.

Seasonal Forecasts

Predictions for the 2018 Philippine basin typhoon season
Source Date Named
Typhoons Super
FRMC May 10, 2018 20 15 4
BNMA May 10, 2018 20-30 14-19 7-10
DHC May 10, 2018 11 1-5 1
BMA May 10, 2018 20 13 5
LHC May 20, 2018 18-21 9-11 3-5
PEHC May 29, 2018 20-24 10-14 4-6
OSMC May 29, 2018 20-17 8-6 1-4
LHC June 12, 2018 19-22 9-11 1-4
Actual activity
3 1 1

Seasonal Summary


June 14, 2018
8:00 AM PHT

For the Philippine Area of Responsibility:

Two invests are currently active. Both have disorganized convection but it may gradually develop withon 5 days. The first one is located at Palawan amd another at Palau.

Formation chances within 48 hours...low...20 percent
Formation chances within 5 days...medium...50 percent

Wind Probability Models


Current Advisories

All advisories issued are found here: 2018 Philippine basin typhoon season/advisory archive

NHCHUSymbol Super Typhoon CYRUS (CIELO)


8:00pm PHT, June 17
Public Advisory

Location: Southeast of Hong Kong

Moving: SW at 11 kph

Min pressure: 928 mb

Max sustained: 185 kph (10-min), 280 kph (1-min)


Super Typhoon Albert (Adarna)

Super typhoon (PAGASA)
Category 5 super typhoon (SSHWS)
Albert May 29 AlbertFarm2018
Duration May 18 – June 1
Peak intensity 195 km/h (115 mph) (10-min)
927 mbar (hPa)

A disturbance developed into a tropical depression on May 18 while located to the southeast of Zamboanga. It gradually intensified and reached tropical storm status on the night of May 19 and named Albert by FRMC, and Adarna by PAGASA. It gradually intensified and became a strong typhoon, after entering the northwestern part of the South China Sea. On May 27, 16:00 HKT, Albert strengthened to a super typhoon, around 100 km south of Hong Kong. Recon data found winds of 195 km/h and pressure of 927 mbar. At 1:00 HKT, the next day the eye was approximately 20 km southwest of Hong Kong with the typhoon heading onto the mainland in a northerly direction. It transitioned to a post-tropical cyclone afterwards.

Hong Kong Observatory issued Hurricane Signal No. 10 due to the storm. It only caused few deaths in the main city, but the others were from other towns and Macao. The storm caused an estimated damage of $12 billion, making one of the most damaging typhoon in the basin. It also caused 250 deaths. In Philippines, many fishermen were stalled by the storm, but no deaths were reported. Rough waves were reported along coastline of Palawan.

Severe Tropical Storm Brianna (Bayani)

Severe tropical storm (PAGASA)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Brianna June 13 2018 BriannaFarm2018
Duration May 28 – June 14
Peak intensity 95 km/h (65 mph) (10-min)
996 mbar (hPa)
An area of low pressure was spotted east of Mindanao. On May 28, PAGASA declared it as tropical depression, naming "Bayani". Two days after it's formation, FRMC also issued an advisory on it, making it a tropical depression. It stalled and weakened a bit due to wind shear, but on June 4, it strengthened to a tropical storm and named Brianna, off the coast of Mindanao. However, it is only brief, as it weakens again. On June 6, FRMC issued it's last advisory on it, but next day, it regenerated and advisories were resumed. When it entered the Sulu Sea, conditions were favorable for further development, as it became more organized. It strengthened to a severe tropical storm, and made landfall in Palawan. Wind shear weakened the storm, and it was downgraded to a remnant low by June 14.

Super Typhoon Cyrus (Cielo)

Cyrus (Cielo)C5
Cyrus June 17 2018 Cyrus cone 5
Super typhoon (PAGASA)
Category 5 super typhoon (SSHWS)
As of Sunday, June 17, 2018
Location Southeast of Hong Kong
Intensity 185 kph (10-min), 280 kph (1-min), 928 mbar
Movement SW at 11 kph

Storm Names

Main Page: 2018 Philippine basin typhoon season/naming

The PAGASA and JTWC uses these names to name any tropical depression that enters the PAR area.

Adarna Bayani Cielo (active) Danilo (unused) Erning (unused)
Fernan (unused) Gemma (unused) Hilario (unused) Isadora (unused) Jasmine (unused)
Kokoy (unused) Lorenzo (unused) Myrna (unused) Ningning (unused) Olivia (unused)
Precy (unused) Quising (unused) Rolando (unused) Susan (unused) Tomas (unused)
Umberto (unused) Vilma (unused) Wendell (unused) Yanni (unused) Zoren (unused)
Auxiliary list
Agapito (unused) Benjamin (unused) Claudia (unused) Dolores (unused) Eugenio (unused)
Flor (unused) Gino (unused) Helena (unused) Ivy (unused) Josefa (unused)

Farm River Meteorological Center

The FRMC also names storms that reached tropical storm intensity.

  • Albert
  • Brianna
  • Cyrus (active)
  • Denise (unused)
  • Ernie (unused)
  • Francine (unused)
  • Gerald (unused)
  • Hope (unused)
  • Irving (unused)
  • Janice (unused)
  • Kurt (unused)
  • Lauren (unused)
  • Mateo (unused)
  • Nina (unused)
  • Odell (unused)
  • Portia (unused)
  • Ron (unused)
  • Shelby (unused)
  • Timothy (unused)
  • Victoria (unused)
  • Wilson (unused)
  • Yvette (unused)
  • Zack (unused)

Season Effects

Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale
TD TS C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
2018 West Pacific tropical cyclone statistics
Dates active Storm category

at peak intensity

Max 1-min
mph (km/h)
Areas affected Damage
(millions USD)

Albert (Adarna) May 18 – June 1 Category 5 hurricane 195 927 Philippines, Hong Kong, China $12 billion 250+
Brianna (Bayani) May 28 – June 14 Severe tropical storm 95 996 Minandao, Visayas, Palawan $2 million 12
Cyrus (Cielo) June 10 – Currently Active Category 5 hurricane 185 928 Luzon,Taiwan None 4
Season Aggregates
3 cyclones May 18 –Currently Active   265 927 Unknown Unknown