the 2017 Lake Michigan hurricane season was a very active hurricane season in Lake Michigan, the most active on record.


Hurricane Alan

On June 11, the remnants of a Lake Superior system moved into Lake Michigan, by June 13th...the NHC started advisories on TD 1...Alan quickly moved to the southwest and was nearing the coastline of Indiana by June 24th, a PDS Tornado Watch was issued for Northern Indiana on June 3:00PM on June 25th, Alan made landfall packing 190MPH winds on the coastline of Indiana...a wind meter in Warsaw detected a wind speed of 198MPH at 6:07PM on June early on June 26, winds were averaging around 97-102MPH in Blackford County, Indiana...however a PDS Tornado Warning was issued for Blackford County at 4:03AM...winds started to average a steady 47-52MPH by sunrise in Blackford County, and by noon it was averaging 53-56MPH...however Blackford County entered the eyewall of now Category 3 Alan at 4:07PM on the 26th, and a wind report made it a Category 5 again, in Hartford City at a Dollar General store, a wind speed of 192MPH was 5PM, Winds were averaging between 157-193MPH in Blackford County...winds started to calm down and by midnight on the 27th, Winds were averaging around 29-37MPH, finally at 2:00AM on the 27th, Alan had moved out of Blackford County, winds averaged around 17-56MPH on the 27th...this is a wip...