The 2011–12 Australian region cyclone season is an event in the ongoing cycle of tropical cyclone formation. It began on 1 November 2011, and it will end on 30 April 2012. The regional tropical cyclone operational plan defines a "tropical cyclone year" separately from a "tropical cyclone season"; the "tropical cyclone year" began on 1 July 2011 and will end on 30 June 2012.

The scope of the Australian region is limited to all areas south of the equator, east of 90°E and west of 160°E. This area includes Australia, Papua New Guinea, western parts of the Solomon Islands, East Timor and southern parts of Indonesia.

Tropical cyclones in this area are monitored by five Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres (TCWCs): the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in Perth, Darwin, and Brisbane; TCWC Jakarta in Indonesia; and TCWC Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center issues unofficial warnings for the region, designating tropical depressions with the "S" suffix when they form west of 135°E, and the "P" suffix when they form east of 135°E.


Tropical Low 01U

Tropical low (Australian scale)
Clockwise vortex
Duration October 17 – October 19
Peak intensity 45 km/h (30 mph) (1-min)  1002 hPa (mbar)