Gustav 09 sep 2002 1805Z

The Gale As A Disturbance

This Is The 1982 Gale In New England

This Storm Had Maximum Winds Of 100Mph And Gusts Up To 120Mph And This Storm Was Strong And Down The Page Is The Infobox For The Strength


First This Storm Was A Tropical Distirbance Near Eastern Florida Then Strengthened to A Tropical Storm 1 Day Later And Was Near The Carolina's Coast With Winds Of 65Mph Then Became A C1 Hurricane At 1AM The Next Day With Winds of 80Mph And Was Off The Coast Of Long Island It Moved Quickly To The Coast Off Long Island Then Moved Toards The Long Island Sound As A Small Cat.2 Hurricane With Winds Of 100Mph And Gusts Up To 120Mph Up to Cat.3 Gusts (1-min mean) Then At Night The Storm Struck Rhone Island As A Weak Cat.1 Storm With Winds Of 75Mph And Gusts At About 90Mph And Then Became An Ex-tropical Storm The Next Day And Struck Boston With Winds Of Only 40Mph And Gusts Around 55Mph Then Moved To Nova Scotia As A Ex-Tropical Storm With Winds Of 70Mph And Made Landfall With Winds of 45Mph And Disapated At 7PM Still As A System


The Storm Trying To Shrink Near The Coast Off Long Island

Here's The Infobox

Note: The Picture Is When The Gale Was A Tropical Storm Off North Carolina

Category 2 hurricane (SSHWS)
463px-Gustav 10 sept 2002 1540Z.jpg
Duration August 19 – August 29
Peak intensity 100 mph (155 km/h) (1-min)  979 mbar (hPa)

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