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I’d this michaels year for retirement?

Michael is expected to be one of the worst storms in Florida history! Hope everyone left!

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Last Chance to add names to "2019 Delkraneiysia Hurricane Season!

Before I call it a night before work tomorrow, you have untill 5pm to add some names via comment on this post, or to my message wall. There is no limit on name submissions for this event. Even by submitting names, they may not be used. The finalized list will be made tomorrow evening. Good Night!

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Micheal a near Cat 4!

expected to pound florida, possily as a 4.

Michael peak?
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  • c4
  • C5
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HURRICANE Florence is coming! She'll be here today or tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Norman in the pacific could become the net C5! He went from TS to C4 in just 4 advisories.
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Could the atlantic season be about to fire up in time for september?

A tropical low has formed over senigal, holds a 70-80% chance of 5-7 day formation! this storm willl be named Florence upon confirmation.
we also have a potential formation in the gulf of mexico, currently unrated. Tropical waters n the atlantic are finall starting to warm up and could start producing stronger storms! (its about time!)
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Updating 2018 Delcores Usercane Season today!

Be sure to check out the new numbers. Also updating the hurricane scale too. Whos Cat 5?
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Finaly got most everything up to date!

Also getting ready for Delcore 3! Feel free to take a look at the changes! Up next- attempt to complete 2017 DK Hurricane season- Or at least get farther.
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Hector now tied with aletta in stregnth.

Will hector win the title of strongest storm? Peak is expected today.
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Hurricane Delcore page is primarily done.

tracking will be removed, and only key details will be kept. If Hurricane Delcore 3 is confirmed, I will be done in September on a different name. Vote on it to help the process.
---The name does not have to follow the season ABC Order.---

Here are the chosen names. The name will be finalized on August 8th
What name should be chosen?
  • ROY
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Today, July 29th is the last day of Hurricane Delcore!

All info is due to be published by 10pm July 29th. Story is due for completion by 10pm August 2nd. What did you think of this years storm?
Should there be a hurricane Delcore 3?
  • Yes, continue the series!
  • Cancel the series, 2 is enough.
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Hurricane Delcore off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina, going

to be moving north to hit..... NYC, Connecticut and Rhode Island on Saturday as a Cat 3! Yikes!
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What happens in August in the Atlantic?

The 2018 AHS has been somewhat interesting so far. So what happens in August? Does activity blow up, does it die something else? Comment on your thoughts.
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Hurricane Ford (2018 Minecraft Hurricane Season) will make landfall...

In the next few hours, Ford will move onshore into Set-Up Survival's South Beach Coast. Landfall is IMMINENT, and updates will be every hour, while Ford has the chance for become a Category 5!!!
Will Ford reach Category 5? It's running out of time...
  • Yes, Category 5 Landfall
  • No, Category 4 Landfall or Lower
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